Religion in American History Reading List

Please Note: This list does not include works on Native American Religion or Traditions. 

  1. Religion in American Life: A Short History by Jon Butler, Grant Wacker and Randall Balmer
  2. The Puritan Family: Religion and Domestic Relations in Seventeenth-Century New England – by Edmund S. Morgan
  3. Visible Saints: The History of a Puritan Idea – by Edmund S. Morgan
  4. Zion in America: The Jewish Experience from Colonial Times to the Present by Henry L. Feingold
  5. Errand into the Wilderness – by Perry Miller
  6. The New England Mind: From Colony to Province – by Perry Miller
  7. The New England Mind: The Seventeenth Century – by Perry Miller
  8. Heavenly Merchandice: How Religion Shaped Commerce in Puritan America y Mark Valeri
  9. New England Frontier: Puritans and Indians, 1620-1675 by Alden T. Vaughan
  10. The Spirit of the Law: Religious Voices and the Constitution in Modern America by Sarah Barringer Gordon
  11. The Puritan Experiment: New England Society from Bradford to Edwards by Francis J. Bremer
  12. A Reforming People: Puritanism and the Transformation of Public Life in New England by David D. Hall
  13. First Founders: American Puritans and Puritanism in an Atlantic World by Francis J. Bremer
  14. Puritan Village: The Formation of a New England Town by Sumner Chilton Powell
  15. Building a New Jerusalem: John Davenport, a Puritan in Three Worlds by Francis J. Bremer
  16. Puritans in the New World: A Critical Anthology by David D. Hall (Editor)
  17. The Cambridge Companion to Puritanism by John Coffey (Editor), Paul C. H. Lim (Editor)
  18. The Mathers: Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals, 1596-1728 by Robert Middlekauff
  19. New England Nation: The Country the Puritans Built by Bruce C. Daniels
  20. Puritanism: A Very Short Introduction by Francis J. Bremer
  21. Puritans at Play: Leisure and Recreation in Colonial New England by Bruce C. Daniels
  22. Faithful Bodies: Performing Religion and Race in the Puritan Atlantic by Heather Miyano Kopelson
  23. Godly Republicanism: Puritans, Pilgrims, and a City on a Hill by Michael P. Winship
  24. The Puritan Dilemma: The Story of John Winthrop – by Edmund S. Morgan
  25. John Winthrop: America’s Forgotten Founding Father by Francis J. Bremer
  26. American Jezebel by Eve LaPlante
  27. The Mathers: Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals, 1596-1728 by Robert Middlekauff
  28. Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul: Church, State, and the Birth of Liberty by John M. Barry
  29. Roger Williams: The Church and the State by Edmund S. Morgan
  30. Jonathan Edwards: A Life by George M. Marsden
  31. God of Liberty: A Religious History of the American Revolution by Thomas S. Kidd
  32. Baptists in America: A History by Thomas S. Kidd and Barry Hankins
  33. American Methodism: A Compact History by Russell E. Richey and Kenneth E. Rowe
  34. America’s God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln by Mark A. Noll
  35. Slave Religion: The “Invisible Institution” in the Antebellum South by Albert J. Raboteau
  36. The Russian Orthodox Church of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands 1794-1912 by Viacheslav Vsevolodovich. Ivanov
  37. The Jewish Confederates by Robert N. Rosen
  38. Lincoln and the Jews: A History by Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell
  39. When General Grant Expelled the Jews by Jonathan D. Sarna
  40. Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet by John G. Turner
  41. Brigham Young: American Moses by Leonard J. Arrington
  42. Fundamentalism and American Culture by George M. Marsden
  43. The Mormon Question: Polygamy and Constitutional Conflict in Nineteenth-Century America by Sarah Barringer Gordon
  44. The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America by Louis Menand
  45. American Catholic: The Saints and Sinners Who Built America’s Most Powerful Church by Charles Morris
  46. Faith in Their Own Color: Black Episcopalians in Antebellum New York City by Craig D. Townsend
  47. A Righteous Cause: The Life of William Jennings Bryan by Robert W. Cherny
  48. Billy Sunday and the Redemption of Urban America by Mr. Lyle W. Dorsett
  49. The Life and Ministry of William Booth: Founder of The Salvation Army by Roger J. Green
  50. A Passion for Souls: The Life of D.L. Moody by Lyle W. Dorsett
  51. Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life by Roger Daniels
  52. In the Beginning: Fundamentalism, the Scopes Trial, and the Making of the Antievolution Movement by Michael Lienesch
  53. Taking Risks: A Jewish Youth in the Soviet Partisans and His Unlikely Life in California by Joseph Pell and Fred Rosenbaum
  54. Junipero Serra: California’s Founding Father by Steven W. Hackel
  55. Junípero Serra: California, Indians, and the Transformation of a Missionary by Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz
  56. A Time for Planting: The First Migration, 1654-1820 by Eli Faber
  57. A Time for Gathering: The Second Migration, 1820-1880 by Hasia R. Diner
  58. A Time for Building: The Third Migration, 1880-1920 by Gerald Sorin
  59. A Time for Searching: Entering the Mainstream, 1920-1945 by Henry L. Feingold
  60. A Time for Healing: American Jewry since World War II by Edward S. Shapiro
  61. The American Jewish Experience by Jonathan D. Sarna (Editor)
  62. Portrait of American Jews: The Last Half of the Twentieth Century by Samuel Heilman
  63. Brethren Society: The Cultural Transformation of a “Peculiar People” by Carl F. Bowman
  64. History of the Amish by Steven M. Nolt
  65. Amish Society by John A. Hostetler
  66. Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Lyman Bushman
  67. Apocalypse Delayed: The Story of Jehovah’s Witnesses by M. James Penton
  68. Judging Jehovah’s Witnesses: Religious Persecution and the Dawn of the Rights Revolution by Shawn Francis Peters
  69. American Originals: Homemade Varieties of Christianity by Paul K. Conkin
  70. Blood and Fire: William and Catherine Booth and the Salvation Army by Roy Hattersley
  71. American Evangelicals: A Contemporary History of a Mainstream Religious Movement by Barry Hankins
  72. The American Evangelical Story: A History of the Movement by Douglas A. Sweeney
  73. American Freemasons: Three Centuries of Building Communities by Mark A. Tabbert
  74. The American Religion by Harold Bloom
  75. Tri-Faith America: How Catholics and Jews Held Postwar America to Its Protestant Promise by Kevin M. Schultz
  76. The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American Freethought by Susan Jacoby
  77. Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism by Susan Jacoby
  78. Religion in American Politics: A Short History by Frank Lambert
  79. Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land: A History of Church and State in America by Edwin S. Gaustad
  80. American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation by Jon Meacham
  81. The Faiths of the Founding Fathers by David L. Holmes
  82. Religion and Politics in the United States by Kenneth D. Wald and Allison Calhoun-Brown
  83. A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada by Mark A Noll
  84. American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us by Robert D. Putnam and David E. Campbell
  85. Communities of Dissent: A History of Alternative Religions in America by Stephen J. Stein
  86. The Holiness-Pentecostal Tradition: Charismatic Movements in the Twentieth Century by Vinson Synan
  87. The Anabaptist Story by William R. Estep
  88. Foreigners in Their Own Land: Pennsylvania Germans in the Early Republic by Steven M. Nolt
  89. The Quakers in America by Thomas D. Hamm
  90. Southern Crucifix, Southern Cross: Catholic-Protestant Relations in the Old South by Andrew Henry Stern