Texas History Reading List

  1. Gone to Texas: A History of the Lone Star State By Randolph B. Campbell
  2. Texas: The Lone Star State by Rupert N. Richardson, Adrian Anderson, Cary D. Wintz and Ernest Wallace
  3. Lone Star Nation By H.W. Brands
  4. Lone Star Rising: The Revolutionary Birth of the Texas Republic By William C. Davis
  5. Texas: A Historical Atlas by A. Ray Stephens (Author), Carol Zuber-Mallison (Cartographer)
  6. The Alamo By Frank Thompson
  7. Storm Over Texas: The Annexation Controversy and the Road to Civil War By Joel H. Silbey
  8. The Alamo By John Myers Myers
  9. The Texas War of Independence 1835-1836: From Outbreak to the Alamo to San Jacinto by Alan Huffines
  10. Santa Anna of Mexico by Will Fowler
  11. Peace Came in the Form of a Woman: Indians and Spaniards in the Texas Borderlands by Juliana Barr
  12. With Santa Anna in Texas: A Personal Narrative of the Revolution by José Enrique de la Peña and Carmen Perry
  13. The Alamo 1836: Santa Anna’s Texas Campaign by Stephen Hardin
  14. Texian Iliad: A Military History of the Texas Revolution by Stephen L. Hardin
  15. Three Roads to the Alamo: The Lives and Fortunes of David Crockett, James Bowie, and William Barret Travis by William C. Davis
  16. The Blood of Heroes: The 13-Day Struggle for the Alamo–and the Sacrifice That Forged a Nation by James Donovan
  17. The Alamo by Frank Thompson
  18. The Secret War for Texas by Stuart Reid
  19. Lone Star: A History of Texas and the Texans by T. R. Fehrenbach
  20. An Empire for Slavery: The Peculiar Institution in Texas, 1821–1865 by Randolph B. Campbell
  21. Beyond the Alamo: Forging Mexican Ethnicity in San Antonio, 1821-1861 by Raúl A. Ramos
  22. Texas Women on the Cattle Trails by Sara R. Massey
  23. The Trail Drivers of Texas: Interesting Sketches of Early Cowboys by J. Marvin Hunter
  24. We Pointed Them North: Recollections of a Cowpuncher by E. C. Abbott (Author), Helena Huntington Smith (Author), Nick Eggenhofer (Drawings)
  25. The Big Rich: The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Texas Oil Fortunes by Bryan Burrough
  26. Sam Houston by James L. Haley
  27. The Raven: A Biography of Sam Houston by Marquis James
  28. Spanish Texas, 1519-1821 by Donald E. Chipman and Harriett Denise Joseph
  29. El Mesquite: A Story of the Early Spanish Settlements Between the Nueces and the Rio Grande by Elena Zamora O’Shea
  30. The Spanish Frontier in North America by David J. Weber
  31. The Mexican Frontier, 1821-1846: The American Southwest Under Mexico by David J. Weber
  32. Vaqueros in Blue and Gray by Jerry Thompson
  33. River of Hope: Forging Identity and Nation in the Rio Grande Borderlands by Omar S. Valerio-Jiménez
  34. Peace Came in the Form of a Woman: Indians and Spaniards in the Texas Borderlands by Juliana Barr
  35. Zachary Taylor : Soldier, Planter, Statesman of the Old Southwest by K. Jack Bauer
  36. Trailing Clouds of Glory: Zachary Taylor’s Mexican War Campaign and His Emerging Civil War Leaders by Felice Flanery Lewis
  37. Santa Anna of Mexico by Will Fowler
  38. So Far from God: The U.S. War With Mexico, 1846-1848 by John S.D. Eisenhower
  39. The White Scourge: Mexicans, Blacks, and Poor Whites in Texas Cotton Culture by Neil Foley
  40. A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Lincoln, and the 1846 U.S. Invasion of Mexico by Amy S. Greenberg
  41. A Glorious Defeat: Mexico and Its War with the United States by Timothy J. Henderson
  42. The Mexican Wars for Independence by Timothy J. Henderson
  43. Revolution in Texas: How a Forgotten Rebellion and Its Bloody Suppression Turned Mexicans into Americans by Benjamin Heber Johnson
  44. A Country of Vast Designs: James K. Polk, the Mexican War and the Conquest of the American Continent by Robert W. Merry
  45. David Crockett: The Lion of the West by Michael Wallis
  46. The Horrell Wars: Feuding in Texas and New Mexico by David Johnson
  47. Savage Frontier: Rangers, Riflemen, and Indian Wars in Texas, 1835-1845 (4 volumes) by Stephen L. Moore
  48. Seat of Empire: The Embattled Birth of Austin, Texas by Jeffrey Stuart Kerr
  49. Stephen F. Austin: Empresario of Texas by Professor Gregg Cantrell
  50. Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers by Robert M. Utley
  51. Lone Star Lawmen: The Second Century of the Texas Rangers by Robert M. Utley
  52. The Texas Rangers: Wearing the Cinco Peso, 1821-1900 by Mike Cox
  53. Time of the Rangers: Texas Rangers: From 1900 to the Present by Mike Cox
  54. West Texas: A History of the Giant Side of the State by Paul H. Carlson (Editor), Bruce A. Glasrud (Editor)
  55. Sam Houston and the American Southwest by Randolph B. Campbell
  56. Black Texans: A History of African Americans in Texas, 1528–1995 by Alwyn Barr
  57. The African American Experience in Texas: An Anthology by Bruce A. Glasrud (Editor), James M. Smallwood (Editor)
  58. Flames after Midnight: Murder, Vengeance, and the Desolation of a Texas Community by Monte Akers
  59. James K. Polk and the Expansionist Impulse by Sam W. Haynes
  60. The Big Rich: The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Texas Oil Fortunes by Bryan Burrough
  61. Texas Tears and Texas Sunshine: Voices of Frontier Women by Jo Ella Powell Exley (Editor)
  62. Turning Germans into Texans: World War I and the Assimilation and Survival of German Culture in Texas, 1900-1930 by Matthew D. Tippens
  63. German Seed in Texas Soil: Immigrant Farmers in Nineteenth-Century Texas by Terry G. Jordan
  64. Nassau Plantation: The Evolution of a Texas German Slave Plantation by James C. Kearney
  65. Texas Women: Their Histories, Their Lives by Elizabeth Hayes Turner (Editor), Stephanie Cole (Editor), Rebecca Sharpless (Editor)
  66. Women and the Texas Revolution by Mary L., ed. Scheer
  67. The Texas Revolutionary Experience: A Political and Social History, 1835-1836 by Paul D. Lack
  68. Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930s by Donald Worster
  69. On the Dirty Plate Trail: Remembering the Dust Bowl Refugee Camps by Sanora Babb, Douglas Wixson, and Dorothy Babb
  70. Doing Time in the Depression: Everyday Life in Texas and California Prisons by Ethan Blue
  71. Lone Stars of David: The Jews of Texas by Hollace Ava Weiner and Kenneth D. Roseman
  72. The Chosen Folks: Jews on the Frontiers of Texas by Bryan Edward Stone
  73. Houston: The Unknown City, 1836-1946 by Marguerite Johnston
  74. The Other Great Migration: The Movement of Rural African Americans to Houston, 1900-1941 by Bernadette Pruitt
  75. Houston, a History by David G. McComb
  76. Ethnicity in the Sunbelt: Mexican Americans in Houston by Arnoldo De León
  77. Brown, Not White: School Integration and the Chicano Movement in Houston by Guadalupe San Miguel Jr.
  78. Dallas: The Making of a Modern City by Patricia Evridge Hill
  79. White Metropolis: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion in Dallas, 1841-2001 by Michael Phillips
  80. War of a Thousand Deserts: Indian Raids and the U.S.-Mexican War by Brian DeLay



  1. Tejano Empire: Life on the South Texas Ranchos by Andrés Tijerina
  2. Tejano Legacy: Rancheros and Settlers in South Texas, 1734-1900 by Armando C. Alonzo
  3. Early Tejano Ranching: Daily Life at Ranchos San Jose and El Fresnillo by Andrés Sáenz
  4. Tejanos and Texas under the Mexican Flag, 1821-1836 by Andrés Tijerina
  5. The Indians of Texas: From Prehistoric to Modern Times by W. W. Newcomb Jr.
  6. The Captured: A True Story of Abduction by Indians on the Texas Frontier by Scott Zesch
  7. Comanches: The History of a People by T.R. Fehrenbach
  8. Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches by S. C. Gwynne
  9. Turning Adversity to Advantage: A History of the Lipan Apaches of Texas and Northern Mexico, 1700-1900 by Nancy McGown Minor
  10. I Fought a Good Fight: A History of the Lipan Apaches by Sherry Robinson
  11. The Lipan Apaches: People of Wind and Lightning by Thomas A. Britten
  12. The Wichita Indians: Traders of Texas and the Southern Plains, 1540-1845 by F. Todd Smith
  13. The Conquest of the Karankawas and the Tonkawas, 1821-1859 by Kelly F. Himmel
  14. Chiricahua Apache Women and Children: Safekeepers of the Heritage by H. Henrietta Stockel
  15. The Karankawa Indians of Texas: An Ecological Study of Cultural Tradition and Change by Robert A. Ricklis
  16. War of a Thousand Deserts: Indian Raids and the U.S.-Mexican War by Brian DeLay
  17. Contrary Neighbors: Southern Plains and Removed Indians in Indian Territory by David La Vere